Much of what we provide is assignment based. Therefore, actual prices are limited to one-off personal reprints and special offers.


Commercial pricing is based on the individual assignment and may be either a time and materials basis, or a one-off price. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Stock Material

All images on th site are available as stock images, many as ‘1st Publishing Rights’. These are by no means the limits of available images. All site images are available in electronic format. Other library images are also held as 35mm and medium format transparency. Please contact us for further information or purchase requirements.


See "Prints" on the menu above for more information about ordering direct from this web site.

15 x 10£15.00p
18 x 12£20.00p
24 x 16£28.00p

Unless otherwise stated all images are available in the nominal sizes detailed above.

Postage and packing will be based on the requested number of prints and charged at cost.

Please e-mail us (see Contact page) with the ref. no. of the print(s) and size you require, along with your contact details and we will be in touch with the final cost.


The normal starter portfolio will involve about a one hour session from which 4 images are chosen to be printed to A4. Reprints and all other images will be offered at a discounted rate for 6 months after the session, after which time they will revert to normal pricing.

Starter portfolio £50.00p

Religious Organisations

Please contact us with your requirements for a quotation.