At Gardiner Photography we pride ourselves that we can turn our hand to most things. The main offerings we have at present are detailed below. However, e-mail your requirements to us and let us provide a quote if you do not see what you need.


We are available to undertake a variety of assignments in the commercial arena. Recent work has involved the photographing of hotel interiors for advertising purposes, and the production, and quantity duplication, of slideshow DVDs with soundtrack. Work on a restaurant interior has also involved the photographing of various menu dishes.

Stock Material

All images on the site are available in electronic format for publishing, many with ‘1st Publishing rights’. However, the material on the site is only a small portion of what we have available. Much of our material is also in traditional 35mm and medium format transparency. Please contact us with your requirements if the site does not provide what you are looking for.


All images on the site are available as personal reprints at the sizes detailed under pricing unless otherwise stated on the image. For commercial use and sizes not on the pricing page, please contact us with your requirements.

Reprints can now be ordered through PayPal.


We are concious of the budget constraints of up and coming models, dancers, thespians, etc. Therefore we have put together a budget package to get them on their way. (See pricing for details)

Religious Organisations

As members of a religious group, we are aware of the necessity for groups to ensure they have an up-to-date, fully documented inventory of their property, especially items of special note or for insurance purposes. We are happy to give special consideration to such organisations, regardless of belief system.