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I haven't done a great deal with my photography for a few years. This has primarily been down to ill health. However, this has greatly improved. I was unable to continue with my job and now seems like a good time to start looking to bring in an income from my photography.

Over the coming weeks and into early next year, the website will change and this blog will begin to detail what I'm doing to get myself up and running, so to speak. I have already been doing some things to start to prepare for this change in lifestyle and, again, I will document those things in these pages.

One interesting happening was the chance to produce a product advertising shot that was used in Vogue magazine. I had little over 24 hrs to take the shot, edit it and get it back to the client. It really got the blood racing. The shot had to be done away from the owner which, in my eyes, limited what I could do with it. However, the end result pleased the client and we got positive feedback regarding the image from the Vogue section editor.

Vogue Pantry Page, Nov 2015
This is the page from the magazine, Vogue's Pantry, where the image was presented. Not a massive exposure, but a start.

Image in Vogue Magazine, Nov 2015

This is the image that was used on the page.

Since doing this image some weeks ago, I've already learnt a lot. I was grateful to Claire Megginson (owner of Sweet Sally Cinnamon ) for giving me the opportunity to do this shoot.

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