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I decided that if I was about to try my hand at some professional photography, I was going to need some help. I found that Aspire Photography Training might be a good place to start. They hold "taster" days, free of charge, where attendees get to meet some of the team ask questions and take some photographs. The day I went, we were hosted by Catherine Connor who is well known for her business training. She is a regular speaker at events and has written in much of the photographic press.

As part of our time there, Catherine asked the usual sorts of questions - where have you come (physically & photographically), what were you looking to do with your photography, etc. At the end of the chatting session, Catherin gave some feedback regarding the types of training that might be useful and, in my case, the kind of photography that was possible in the professional arena.

After a light lunch, there was a young model waiting for us in the courtyard with one of the regular, professional photographers and course leaders. She helped us think about the kind of shots we could take and, in two groups, we took our shots with a couple of different viewpoints and positions. Next we moved down the lane and had a go at some full length walking shots. All in all, it was time well spent and very enjoyable.

Nice shoes !
Nice shoes !

To find out more about the courses run by Aspire simply click the link - Aspire Photography Training

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