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As I mentioned in an earlier post, I booked a day training session at Aspire Photography Training - Commercial Lifestyle course. It was well worth the cost. One of the things I have always measured courses on is how much it satisfies several criteria - how much new material did I come away with; how much of what I thought I knew was confirmed; and how much is generally common knowledge or common sense. In this case it was about halfy-half on the first two - so a good day.

Jodi Hinds was our trainer for the day. In the morning she talked us through what she had done, how she had got to where she was and some of the techniques she employed. In the afternoon, having battled our way through flooded roads, we were taken to a small hotel-restaurant where the staff were very kind in letting us into various places to photograph. I've done some of this kind of shooting in the past (see in the main body of the website - Commercial gallery), but the bit I enjoyed the most was getting into the kitchen. If I were doing it myself as part of a job, I would want to have a look at what was going on before going in with the camera as I think there was more I could have done given more time.

Guess what - we got something to eat aswell !

Hotel reception area
Hotel sitting room

Hotel kitchen pan shelf
Preparing food in a hotel kitchen

Hotel staff polishing the glasses

Many thanks to Aspire and Jodi for a great day!

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